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Woman relaxing on a clean carpet
Just How Clean?

In twenty years of continuous operation I am grateful and proud to have acquired a staff of efficient, fast, hard-working, punctual, concerned cleaning professionals. Call and you will quickly see for yourself.
Brian Wertz, Owner

Carpet Cleaning

Some people say a freshly cleaned, fresh-smelling, stain-free carpet is better than new.

Make an appointment to have yours cleaned. It?s easy and surprisingly fast.

Furniture Cleaning

We scrub the dirtĀ from the fabric in your furniture and vacuum it away.

You will be left with bright, clean-smelling furniture.

Tile Cleaning

From the hard-to-reach, but very visible edges to the center of your room, your tile will look like you just installed it.

Call Brian Wertz to schedule an appointment 813-837-6622